Tax/business structuring services

International companies can enjoy great tax/corporate planning opportunities, which local companies cannot afford. A right structure makes business more effective and returns higher.

As recent US corporate inversion cases have shown, mature companies spend billions trying to optimize their tax/business structures. Therefore, investments should be structured at earliest stage possible. In most cases we can build a highly flexible structure that can fit any path taken by your business in the future.

In the light of the latest OECD developments, structures often have to have substance. We can both plan top-level business/tax-efficient structures and implement them from A to Z.

We can create a truly efficient structure that will combine the following:

  • Safe ownership
  • Transparency for potential investors/IPO
  • (In most cases) a possibility of tax-free disposal of the business or its part
  • Low effective tax rate (decimals of a per cent is some cases) fully compliant with state laws, tax treaties, EU and OECD rules
  • Minimal taxation of owners and top-managers income
  • Each part of the structure can be a perfectly sound revenue-earning unit
  • All intra- and inter-group transactions supported by bespoke agreements
  • External General Counsel services
Turnkey implementation
  • Tax/corporate/IP planning
  • Transfer pricing analysis (with the help of a reputable audit firm of your choice)

Where necessary,

  • Company formation
  • Bank accounts
  • Working permissions
  • Office rental
  • Office substance
  • Headhunting
  • Company trust ownership (if necessary for the US DTA or other reasons)
  • Personal taxation of the top managers
  • IP management and accounting
  • Financial accounting and audit (through partners)
Our advantages
  • We take your business personally: we prefer to concentrate on a small number of clients
  • We are unique in doing planning and implementation “one window”
  • We are very skilled: when we are working for you, Georgetown, Harvard, NYU, LSE and QMUL are working for you
  • We know every detail in the process
  • We understand business: finance, marketing, accounts, governance etc.
  • We know people: authorities, investors and professionals
  • We think and speak many languages and cultures – you won’t spend too much time explaining
  • We think globally
  • We hold all necessary licenses, which we value dearly - your safety is sacred



Roman has extensive experience in international tax/corporate planning, Internet law, commercial and investment law, as well as compliance experience in numerous jurisdictions. He worked in international law firms in the UK, UAE and Russia, and spent many years in-house for IT and construction development multinationals.

He is also a visiting university lecturer in international tax law.


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